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^Thanks, I think so too!

I've identified earlier that my NRE with Mya is over. Now I'm noticing that my NRE with poly is over. Both of these things are good and healthy: I'm not obsessing but living. The effects on poly journal are that I don't need/want to analyse everything to death all the time. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it while it lasted, all the learning about poly and coming to understand and reflecting on the concepts. But I'm glad that I can concentrate on other things again, as well. There's more to life than poly - who knew?

I'm throughoutly enjoying my life at the moment. I'm studying my ass off, and all the courses I have are really interesting (though challenging). Mya is coming here next week, I'm so looking forward to that. Need to try and finish my first essay before then, so I'll have more flexibility time-wise.

I am currently looking into possibilities of work for the Summer. Though it looks like I'll be staying home (yay) and doing customer service or something like that (boo), there is a small possibility of getting an internship in my own field. That means I couldn't stay home, but I would spend the Summer in some other country either in Europe or Asia. It would be also first LDR for me and Alec. I have been stunned by how supportive he has been about the whole thing. Not that I would expect him to try to persuade me to not go for his benefit, or something like that. Still, seeing his selflessness really makes me appreciate him. Also, I don't know if poly has been a coincidence, a trigger, or a cause, but I see such an increase in his independence and confidence. There has been a shift in our dynamic, which is partly changes in me but it seems that he is changing to the same direction. I am primarily happy for him, and also happy for us. I think it is a good direction.
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