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Originally Posted by Amitrye View Post
The first movie that came to mind for me however was "Imagine Me and You." Don't get me wrong... Piper Perabo is hot and when she has that realization that she's a lesbian you can see her face transform (one of the best moments captured on film).
That said... Her fiance was totally broken-hearted and you could tell that she loved him in her way. I think it would have been better if instead of running off with the other girl they just threw some poly in there and everyone wins.
Don't mind me, just bringing up an old post…
He was her husband, not fiancé. She fell for another woman at the wedding, which to me makes it more unbelievable that she could just replace him rather than be in love with two people. Surely she still had feelings for the man she JUST married?! ah well
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