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I have many favorites, and I love stories. Couldn't get enough fairy tales when I was a kid. One way I judge what's a favorite is do I want to spend the money on it and drag it through my life with me.

Moonstruck is one of my very favorites. I love stories about big families just living lives out loud (not of quiet desperation). I love the breakfast scene. 'whatcha doin'?' 'Waiting for Johnny Cammereri' 'oh' and they all keep eating.

Stitch is a favorite. I saw it in theatres at least seven times, and I have it on DVD, VHS, and the second movie on DVD, and a dvd my dad made by recording all the stitch shows on disn3y channel. "This is my fam-i-ly. I found it, all on my own. Is little, and broken, but still good. Yah, still good." Although, it's the scene where he says "I'm lost." that I think is what bound me to it. He obsessed with The Ugly Duckling story.

When I first played my Stitch DVD, somehow French language was turned on. And it was absolutely impossible to be frightened of Captain Gantu. The music is all scary, and his voice is deep, but the French is just to pretty to sound scary.
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