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Red face

Originally Posted by bassman View Post
I've been away from home for 3 to the wife, M on whatsapp regularly.

Yesterday she tells me she was asked on a date by a young guy in her office. I told her to go for it, but she probably won't. Maybe I'll gently encourage a lunch date between them at least. I don't know what "young" is, I'll get some more detail today, I hope.

I'm just pleased she got this attention, and moreso than she didn't throw out some judegemental comment about "immoral" or something similar.
So shes been invited out next week, by work colleagues, and its "all the single people", in her words. The only thing worrying, is that we cant afford the normal shared bill that these outings tend to generate, (where us non-drinkers end up sponsoring everyone else's drinking), and she raised this as a concern.

I think this was actually her round-about way of asking if she could go, and of course I said "I think you should go, just get a seperate bill for yourself".
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