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Default What's in a name?

When joining this forum I wanted to pick a name that was completely unrelated to any of my other internet pseudonyms (which tend to be variations on a theme and some of which can be linked to my legal name - if someone is trying hard enough). In the early days of the web I used the same names everywhere and, with the advent of Google, had to go around and rename myself in various places to obfuscate things a bit.

I prefer pseudonyms that sound like they could be a given name - so I was looking for a "unique generic" name. A moment of brainstorming:
Jane Doe - John Q. Public - Smith as the commonest last name in the US
...swirl them together and tweak the spelling = JaneQSmythe

It amuses me to refer to us as MrS and MrsS (traditional honorifics and shared last name) in this "alternative relationships" forum since in the flesh-and-blood world I did NOT change my name when we married and use my professional honorific if one is required.

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