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I haven't seen or talked to MadScientist in three weeks and I'm not sure how I feel about.
I seem to keep forgetting that Madscientist fills an intellectual need for me. Gamerboy is not the debating, theoretical conversation type, never has been, but I still get annoyed at him for it when we haven't hung out with Madscientist in a while. It's not fair and I really try to not it but still.

I really thought if I stayed somewhere for a longer period of time that I would make a friend or two but it sure doesn't look that way. After four years and four failed attempts at joining different social situations, I am exactly where I started.
I was/am going through a depressive period, have been since the beginning of December and all it really did was to clarify that I had no one to call to talk to or hang out with.
Madscientist has never been an option for that kind of friend. He hung out with me because he was friends with Gamerboy. He said that we were friends but what kind of friendship is it when you only seem them when it's convienent for them and never outside of your house? Somedays, all of this bothers me, other days, I decide I'll worry about it after I graduate in four years.

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