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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
One of my favorite movie lines ever (honestly, before I dated girls I had no idea I liked them. before I had two boyfriends, I had no idea I was poly. I can be so freakin' dense sometimes!):

'You had sex with somebody else!?!? You had sex with somebody else without ME????'
Geena Davis, Earth Girls Are Easy

I never thought about Jeff Goldblum being hot, really; but I wouldn't turn him out.
Earth Girls are Easy is one of my favorite cheesy 80's flicks, even before I identified as poly I thought that line was funny.
I had a thing for Jeff Goldblum when he was younger too, up through the Jurassic Park movies. I love brainy/geeky guys and I love the curly hair, probably explains the Numb3rs crush too.
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