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Well I did some thinking on why it bothered me before I talked to him and I think it was because we hardly have time alone at all. So I guess I did want to spend more time with him without anybody else around and we hadn't been doing that much lately. When we are alone, it's usually only long enough for a quickie, and that's if we aren't so tired from coming back late. So I was irked at the party because I saw his other girlfriend as limiting our already scarce time time together with her presence. I didn't actually tell him about this specifically, but I asked if we could try to make more alone time together on the weekend (since that's the only time we have and we don't live together) without being in a rush to go somewhere and he was very receptive to it. I think that's a better place to start, not bringing other people into it right away. So we'll see how it goes, and if that wasn't it, then I'll bring it up again and we'll probably have a more in-depth chat about it. Thanks for all of your advice .
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