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- He must make all the first moves
- He must commit to me early on
- I would even say, he had better commit to me (I hear my aunt saying this)
- He better not look at other women
- It is his job to meet my needs
- He must desire me physically and sexually, love me with integrity, sacrifice for me, etc.

That sort of stuff.
Thanks for the reply. I'm not particularly looking for any specific kinds of replies, just some discussion (though I can be pretty relentless when discussing ideas).

I found what you posted really interesting, but it got me wondering- are those principles of monogamy or principles of insecurity or social conditioning that drive those qualifications? Is there a way to separate monogamy from social conditioning?

Originally Posted by rolypoly View Post
The principles I operate on in poly involve honesty, (still working out how much honesty though... does a partner need to know all of my inner ramblings, insecurities, etc?), concern and awareness for where everyone is at and willingness to negotiate.
Again, I guess I'm wondering. Are these principles that are exclusive to poly relationships? It seems to me that these are principles that work well in any kind of healthy relationship.
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