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Wow all this time I thought you used DH for dick head ...ya know from that other thing.

Because this was your idea I say you have to come alone....more the merrier. Sounds like you could use a good road trip. You can look after the bail money. We wont take no for an answer so get packed.

Lets just remember who suggested Vegas. It will be like taking a kid to candy store. Want to bet how many times we'll hear...."did you see the wrists on that stripper ...or check out the wrists on that showgirl on the end... Wow". We could even make it a drinking game. Oh crap I hope this didn't scare you off opal. Maybe with you along it will be toned down. Just send the directions to Statler...wish us luck....if doesn't kill it makes you stronger...motto for life, road trips, and fisting.
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