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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Bassman, it seems like you and your wife don't communicate very well with each other. There are questions left unasked, desires unspoken, needs unexpressed, and no boundaries set about your living space and finances. Such timidity on your part! I think you need to take charge of your life more, and make your marriage more of a partnership where you both work on goals together. Either that, or why do you stay?

Thanks for this, nycindie - your words are ringing in my head over and over, and I know you are right.

She is going through some stress at work, trying to get a higher level job, so I dont want to add to her stress right now.

Mostly, I'm thinking of my son, who is only 7 now, he is the glue that holds us together at the moment. He is the light of my life, and I cant bear the thought of not seeing him every day.

Even worse, if we split and get alternate weekends for access, he'll land up going to that f*cking church every 2nd sunday

So I feel very very trapped
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