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I had this thought about my life. It is funny I think really we want to be loved and desired. In my primary relationship I am very well loved and barely desired at least demonstratively. In the other even LDR I get some sense of being wanted and a lesser extent of being loved, but beautiful long conversations on the phone. I don't get reassurances from either. My secondary keeps referring to the guest room in my house as "our room" when he lived here he would stay occasionally and I would cuddle with him and go wake him for work. I am trying hard to focus on how fortunate I was to have in my life when I did and full gratitude for the ability to love both freely and clearly even if not ideal. I also am trying not to yearn so much to be together with him though that is realllllllyyyyy hard, I am muddling. I admire all of you that manage LDR.
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