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Default Four Way last weekend and date this Thursday!!

Richard and I had met a couple a few weeks ago and there was a mutual attraction all the way around!! We invited them over this weekend and had a great time!! We really enjoyed each other's company. We were very comfortable. The guy knows one of my first cousins and he knows Richard's brother.'s a small world!! But, we like that. It makes us feel better about people when we know their backgrounds and their families.

She is stunningly beautiful!! Long curly black hair and large beautiful breasts. She and I started dancing, then kissing, then dancing more......I just about quit breathing when she started reaching under my skirt. She was expecting to feel a thong, but she didn't....she instead found a moist area.....if you know what I mean. She exclaimed with pleasure which made me laugh and I said "what did you find?" She said "You're ready" so I said....well.....let's go.....come on guys!!!! Several hours later she and I got into the Jacuzzi together while the guys served us fruit with chocolate sauce!!

Now....I have a date with a new guy!!! I had decided I was ready to find a new male partner, so I signed onto match for a free 30 day trial. I found a guy on there (I'll call him Pete) his photo, he resembled my primary partner, Richard!! We talked on the phone and I really liked his voice and he was fun to talk to also!! I told him I am polyamorous and surprize surprize...he's cool with it!!! So- I was going out with Richard and a couple of female friends one night and Pete met us out. He was more attractive than his photo and turns out he and Richard grew up in the same home town!! He went to school with Richard's sister.

Richard is working and living 2 1/2 hours away from me during the week and will be there for most weekends until next summer. I like driving over there to spend the weekend, but I'm not really feeling like driving over there every weekend. He's working during the day anyway, so I'm just hanging around his rent house....he did buy a house there and is re-modeling it, so that will be much nicer when it's done!! Anyway- Sherie is spending a few days with Richard this week, so I was glad to get a mesage from Pete today!!

He asked me out and we are going to a really nice restarant and then out dancing to a nice club in town. I already know he likes to dance and dances good!! He lives about 50 miles away and the last time he came to town he booked a Hotel room in town. So- I'm hoping he does that again and I'm expecting to have a good meal....a few good drinks.....some dancing and then to the hotel room!! Yes!!
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