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My primary partner and I share with each other. Depending on our mood at the time of sharing, we may share more or less. We have a way of reading each other and knowing what kind of space the other one is in. His secondary partner likes to give him long blow jobs (which I don't particularly like to do) so I like him to share that with me. I'm like...that's aweseome baby.....and I'm glad for him!! I've recently met a new guy and my primary partner was there (with a few female friends) on the first night we met. That was good because the two guys like each other and actually know one another from childhood. Now- I have a date with the new guy on Thursday night, so when I share with my primary, he will have a frame of reference. He's comfortable with the guy. That's important to us. I'm friends with his secondary on Facebook- we've met once....I'm open to meeting her again or hanging out with the two of them, but don't feel like I have to pursue it or make it happen. Now- my new guy has a sexy and hot female "friend" and I will pursue getting to meet her!....but I think I got off topic here!!
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