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Originally Posted by dolphindream View Post
Not long! Almost immediately I felt very strongly about him. We are very much alike and we are very comfortable around each other. I met him only 8 months ago.
Okay- well that's about the time NRE usually begins to wind down some and the "shadow" aspects begin to reveal themselves.

For many years, I did grief work with people who were dealing with relationships that had ended and basically the grieving time is about 25% the length of the relationship. So- for an 8 month relationship, you're talking about 2 months of grief (on average).....people do tend to drag that out in certain cases.....just sayin' if you decide you don't want to "play" any more.

My other thought for you (since I'm polyamorous and enjoy multiple partners) is this....since you seem to be open to him being poly.....have you considered being open to having another partner? It's really nice!!

Originally Posted by dolphindream View Post
I have to make sure that I am not being mislead by feelings and actually thinking things thru realistically.
That's a good idea!! and talking things out here is a good way to do that!!
The key to life is in being fully engaged and peacefully detached simultaneously and authentically in each moment.
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