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Good thoughts MeeraReed !

From my own experience, this line of thinking,(Secondary relationship card) is why I say being poly is more then just the ability to love more then one person.
Love I can do.
The desire or motivation to have more then one person in a serious relationship context ?..I don`t have that. Zero desire. My primary I do more with, love more, and want to spend more time with them then anyone else. Not because of shared bills/children/home, or loyalty, or because it is expected,...but because ...I really do. Since I recognized that, life has been much better, and I generally attract more like-minded people to me. I still attract poly women, but being aware of how they operate, and them being aware of how I operate, has really worked much better then the demands/compromise scenario.

I`d rather be known as an honest open-person, who only has so much invested in outside people, then the jerk poly-person who treats a 'secondary' badly.

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