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You know whats even better Opal ? I keep calling him 'DH' as a short form, and some newbies thought he was my 'Darling Hubby.' Whoopsie.

Hey, maybe we can stop in Vegas along the way. Just to keep it real.

I had this wonderful message typed out for you opal. Unfortunately I sscrewed up with my clicking. so I will throw out the condensed version.

It was with regards to you and Beaker. This maybe 'forks in the road' that divide you, or it might be more like a 'reset' or 'correction' in a road.

There will be lots of 'bums' trying to hitch a ride a long the way, for their own intent and purposes,....just don`t let them impair your ability to enjoy the scenery.

The basic jist of my babble, was to remind you not to worry about not having someone 'on tour' with you right now.
Just drive.
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