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So... Keith and I went. We had a ton of (nonsexual) fun, too, and came home with a couple of couple's numbers. The people we were supposed to meet there ended up not being able to come because she was sick, but it was still great. We were the youngest ones there by over 10 years, so I was surprised at how well we connected with everyone.

Fiona just kind of ignored the whole situation. I don't think Mario is aware that we ended up going through with going, so I don't know his feelings on it all (and quite honestly I don't understand WHY he was so upset in the first place). Last night I was kind of wanting my space, and she kept pushing to cuddle and be physical which kind of irked me. For some reason I still ended up naked, but I was mostly just with the boys besides some kissing with Fiona. First time I've orgasmed from intercourse with Mario, though, so that was a pleasant surprise! lol

And @rory... Fiona always acts like she feels bad for making me choose, but she always expects to get her way in the long run. I think she was not so pleasantly surprised that I put my foot down on this one. I'm inherently a people pleaser and am much happier when EVERYONE around me is happy, but that wasn't even possible in this case so I went with what I wanted to do. The main reason I felt guilty about this trip was because originally we had all agreed that we'd go again the 4 of us before Keith and I would go alone. I felt like I had kind of pushed Fiona into okaying us going without her by bringing it up and saying that we'd been invited.
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