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HI, Anneinthe rain, We did discuss it and the cruise is for me. The other going with us is very outgoing and non monogamous to him. She is very financially challenged and he felt sorry for her when she said she wanted to go. We have discussed it and he will be with me all of the time except for maybe a quickie or so. We will be spending the most time together and he has explained it to her as well. She is just excited to go to Mexico and have some fun. I don't mind her coming with so much but it wasn't part of the original plan. If I didn't want to, he would have heard about it! I am very open and direct about things that I don't like.
Liek I tried to say before, the only real issues I have with all of this is the lack of access to him when I need him. Everything is scheduled. If I were in a hospital or something of course, he would leave and come to me, this has already been discussed. On days when its been really crappy at work and I just want him there to snuggle, I am SOL. the rest of the issues seem to be working themselves out slowly.

Trying to play well with others, lots of others!!!
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