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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
I think this may be true, but it has more to do with your inability to accept her for who she is and what she believes than the fact that she attends church. Just because you decided God wasn't for you, doesn't mean that you should ever expect her to come to the same conclusion. IMO, you sound as bad about "conversion" as her church. Faith or the lack thereof, is a very personal thing and each person's journey is different. Your inability to ahve sex with her because she attends church, to me, is very telling about the outcome of your situation should -you- continue on the way you are.
...what hurts is not her belief in god, but that she'll just take what the pastor and congregation say as "right", and not consider me or my boy in any equation, the tithe being a good example. So when it comes to relationship advice or anything at all, they win. And if I disagree, I lose. Its that simple. I see them as the enemy, and a destructive force in my relationship ( and many many other aspects)
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