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Thanks everyone for your replies...

RedPepper... I did try to do a search on time management but only the word "time" was searched. How do I search it together?

I went on the newby section to read some old posts the other day as well.

Thanks again everyone its all very new and we see it as a new journey.

NovemberRain... yup a slight "but" you detect is surely right. as hubby stumbled onto he "new love" without realizing that he could possibly love two women at the same time. hes still trying to figure it all out too and how to balance it and if its really possible that he can love two women at same time. I been researching and finding out more about it for his sake and for mine as there was nothing wrong with our relationship and yet he loves another woman. Then we came across open marriage and then Polyamory that makes sense what we are now experiencing. Trying to see how we can make it all work. (I still had to overcome the grieving of finding out that he loves another woman as well this past month so its been a busy emotional time for us).

The main thing our communication is open and even more so. We are both talking lots about our feelings. I am also letting him know of my feelings too and how we can move forward and if I can embrace him having this other woman in his life etc.

I love him so much and I have always this quote my whole life "If you love someone set them free". I always give my hubby lots of rein to go and do his passion and not hold him back.

Thanks again everyone for your advice and tips. Its a new journey for us and am open for tips and suggestion on our new adventure.
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