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Wife was dressed uber-sexy yesterday (to go to church, unfortunately, lol), long slinky dress with boots.

I asked her " are those FMBs? (f*ck me boots), and she said "yes", and I said "wow, thats a FMD, then, (f*ck me dress).

After she left home, I sent some suggestive remarks to her phone, which were met with a stunning silence.

Ive noticed a pattern where church days are not nookie days. I guess my suspicion was confirmed yesterday, then, that her going to church does not make for a sexy afternoon/eve. She's probably not turned on by the idea that my views on it are pretty much directly opposed to what she hears on a Sunday. And of course, Ive been away for 3 weeks, so that means she been going for 4 weeks. So their opinion is probably stronger in her mind than mine at the mo.

The whole church thing, I fear, may turn out to be a deal-breaker for me. I'm not sure how long I can put up with it
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