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Originally Posted by bassman View Post
About a month ago, I had a chat with one of her fellowship group members. Ive been a bit distant with my wife ever since, because it brought up that huge mistrust I feel for them.

it doesnt help that she had bad pms the week after and was really grumpy to me and our boy.

Our festive season has not been all that festive

Anyway, I soldier on !

Tomorrow is a typical Sunday, I'll go out in ly lil boat in the morning, and she'll be off to church in the aft.
I think it was about this time, that the nookie came to a halt. I think I was hit sideways a bit by this guy reminding me whats in my wife's brain. Religious dogma, I'm afraid, is NOT sexy.

Although she tried to initiate sex a few weeks ago, I told her I felt too "battered and bruised". Last night she finally asked me what I had meant when I said that, a few weeks ago, and I told her it was a combination of her treatment of me around that time (shes admitted she was a grouch), and more so, my chat with her church friend. The subject didnt get pursued much beyond that last night. So maybe we're stuck again.
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