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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
As is my way, I always like to unpack and get to the bottom of things. Can you explain *what* principles of polyamory and *what* principles of monogamy you're seeing in this dichotomy?
I honestly don't think I can explain them to any degree of satisfaction. But that is not my intent in this. All I can say is that the differing ideas of what insecurity and comittment are seem to be key components of how we look at the different aproaches to loving. Some are these are based on social or peer conditioning while others are purely a product of wiring.

Unpacking stuff is great although I don't travel down paths once I find peace in my own understanding. It's not about tying to avoid pushing thoughts and ideas. It's about eventually accepting the answers for yourself and then moving on to something else...otherwise I'd never get anything done!!

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