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I know this is a Poly site and I consider myself to be poly, but sometimes a good sexual encounter is just what the doctor ordered. Richard and I occassionally go to the local Swinger club. The last time we went, we met a couple there. There was a good bit of mutual attraction all the way around. They let us know that they are fairly aggressive sexual partners. We stayed in touch with them and decided to invite them over last night. It was hot hot hot!!
Also- It is very easy to find single males who are willing to step in and give you exactly what you need. Because there is such a large supply of these willing men, and there is a lot of competition, you can have your choice. There are lots of these guys with tons of certifications from the women and the husbands saying that they are gentlemen and very respectful etc......
Just a thought.....I'm all about getting my needs met.....and sometimes that involves finding someone who can meet them!! Good luck!!
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