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Originally Posted by dolphindream View Post
Thanks so much. It is really nice to find this forum. Before, I felt like I would never find anyone who understood some of the feelings I was having. I almost dumped him when I found out about the others in the relationship, not because of the type of relationship but beccause he omitted this fact and I felt like he had lied to me.
Well, he did. A lie of omission is still a lie. He may have been afraid of scaring you off (it happens often), but he still should have told you, at least by the 2nd or 3rd date.

Originally Posted by dolphindream
I have nothing whatsoever against a polyamorous lifestyle, just wish I would have known before I became attached. Now, i love him and want very much for this to be good for both of us. He is very good to me and so supportive. I need help with the day to day issues that come up. I am momgamous with him. Partly because I have limited time, and I have no desire for anyone else. I am thrilled to find this forum and welcome any help or advice I can get.
Whereabouts are you? There's an active poly community in Austin, and I don't doubt the same is true of DFW and Houston. Even if you don't get romantically attached with anyone else, it can be helpful to have some friends in "meatspace" who understand poly and won't do the "oh you poor thing, you should dump him" routine on you.

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