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Thanks so much. It is really nice to find this forum. Before, I felt like I would never find anyone who understood some of the feelings I was having. I almost dumped him when I found out about the others in the relationship, not because of the type of relationship but beccause he omitted this fact and I felt like he had lied to me. I have nothing whatsoever against a polyamorous lifestyle, just wish I would have known before I became attached. Now, i love him and want very much for this to be good for both of us. He is very good to me and so supportive. I need help with the day to day issues that come up. I am momgamous with him. Partly because I have limited time, and I have no desire for anyone else. I am thrilled to find this forum and welcome any help or advice I can get.

Trying to play well with others, lots of others!!!
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