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Originally Posted by JohnnyDangerously View Post
One of the hardest things to wrap your head around is the idea that it is OK to romantically love two people simultaneously, and I can see how a mono partner would have the greatest trouble with this.

It is. My relationship with my boyfriend started as FWB only and over maybe half a year, feelings crept in until a point, early last year, when we realized we were falling in love. It's been roughly 10-11 months since the L word was spoken and we admitted feeling to each other and to our mates.

Hubby and I were mono prior to this relationship. And although it's near going on a year, my husband still needs me to reassure him from time to time...though not as much as in the beginning. He gets insecure sometimes, wondering if I love him less, other times I might be insensitive and say or do something to hurt his feelings. Maybe make plans with my b/f and forget to check with hubby first, making him feel taken for granted. It's definitely a work in progress, but things are steadily improving...Guess we're lucky
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