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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
One of the things I love about language is it's ability to grow and evolve with the societies that it inhabits. Even the biblical definitions you cite have been translated and re-translated from cultures that are very foreign to ours. That's what interpretation is for. It's how we find the way to attach ideas to words in ways that are relevant and can be understood in the context of the society that uses them. So for me, it's only natural that definitions for things such as envy and jealousy evolve to be more relevant to the people that use them

For myself, I can't apply the definitions you use to polyamory because I don't view another person or their love as something that I lay claim to or something that is rightfully mine.
I think for myself, love falls under the category of grace. Grace is neither deserved or rightfully belongs to anyone. It's simply there to be appreciated and treasured. For me, the love I have for a partner or receive from a partner is not a possession for me to hold, but a grace for me to appreciate every day.
This was the problem I had as well. Just because something has been freely shared with you over a period of time does NOT give you ownership of it. I can let someone borrow my car for weeks, months, even years, but it still doesn't make the car theirs. Love is not a right; it is a GIFT, freely given by one person to another. Though it IS easy to take for granted, we shouldn't...
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