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TGIG - I think that's a great way to put it! Forums generally center the conversation; social networks feel a bit more fluid in nature. Thanks for the input .

nycindie - thanks for those links. I just took a run through them and got a good idea of what people are looking for (or NOT looking for).

I am sure researching other networking sites and seeing what works and what doesn't could be helpful. Are you familiar with
Yeah, I spent a good amount of time on PMM before moving forward with I had a couple major problems with it:
  • They're trying to monetize polyamory. I don't like that. I think this should be free for all. There is a cost to incur, but I believe that should be covered by either the owners of the site, donations, or non-intrusive ads (a la facebook).
  • The UX makes me cringe. The layout, registration process, forced field entry... *shudder*.

The team does seem active (their last update was a few days ago), but I don't see that site changing as much as I feel like it needs to any time soon.

BrigidsDaughter - I appreciate the feedback
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