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Default mono spouse feelings...

Hi All...

newby here...I posted in the Intro forum.

my hubby has a girlfriend of two months... I want to be ok with this whole idea of the Poly relationship.

we have been together 2 decades...

there are days I am totally ok with it... other days... i dont want to share him with anyone else and jealous of him spending the time with his girlfriend.

he does make sure to fill my cup so to say and spend quality time with me before going to his girlfriend or chatting with her via computer, messaging etc.

I know hes in the "dating" stage and needing lots of time to get to know his new girlfriend. how much is too much?

we are still working it out. what the balance that I feel comfortable with etc.

would like to hear some tips and advice. I dont want hubby to get burnt out so to say and still have energy to concentrate on work, family, us and his girlfriend.

how do others poly balance all this?
how do other mono spouse cope with the roller coaster feelings? its perhaps still new for me and gets better with time?

Thanks in advance.
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