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Exclamation Summary

My name is Crystal and I am here to educate myself.

My fiance just told me that he wants to be in a long term poly relationship with me and someone else. We are to live together.

I am understanding through this wonderful website that some people just may be wired this way and it is not about...
1. he does not love me (????)
2. I am not enough
3. Do I suck in bed THAT bad (???)

Clearly I am confused, hurt, and broken...but I want to understand and see if I can be ok in this community. He is not asking me to get a new partner, he is just wanting to "add someone to our family".

I have a headache.
I cried for 13 hours and then had a thought-- Can I do this?
This is not about me. This is about his needs. Can I do this?
This is not about the amazing times we share and how much I love him... Can I do this?

Well, folks-- there you go. My heart is on my sleeve and I am open and raw to all of you now.

You know my deep secret... my fiance is poly. What does that mean to me? I hope to find out through this website and reading your educating posts.

Thank you for being here as a resource for me.

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