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Default Chatt newbies

Hello all,

Well the wife and I have been lazily looking for a 2nd (bi-f) for sometime without any luck in the Chattanooga area. But since our 3rd child will be due very soon I figure it wouldn't hurt to do a little looking around and learn as much as I possibly can about the world/life of poly.

We both love the idea of adding another member to our family because of our sometimes crazy schedule. It would give us both a chance to have a little extra "Play time", but to also have someone there to cuddle with when the other is off taking care of life.

Let's see, I'm 35, and a Design engineer, the wife is 38 and a stay at home mom who will be starting home school very soon for our daughter.

We are into nearly all genres of movies and music. Both love to read when the opportunity allows itself. We are very geeky/nerdy and love to visit museums and such.

But anyways, it's late and I have wine to make in the morning so hello to everyone out there in poly land.
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