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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
No, she's saying that basically the compromising part is degrading. That if you want a loving relationship/partnership but give in and agree instead to a sex buddy just because that's all that's being offered, it is degrading to oneself and as well as to the other person. It would be letting yourself be used for sex when it's not what you really want. If both people really want it, that's cool.
Ok...degrading to PK...

Let me say this, PK would never use anyone (male or female) as a sex buddy...yes, she is trying to see if she could have an intimate relationship with a woman...will it lead to sex? I don't know...will the relationship even develop? Again, I don't know...will she have sex with anyone for the sake of sex, NO...

So there is no chance of PK having a sex buddy...if anything, she would be the one on that sex buddy side of any relationship.

Thanks for responding and clarifying....
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