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Default Thanks?


Thanks for sharing your opinion.


Thanks for co-signing Vixtoria's opinion.

I have considered what you said and I can tell you that I told (informed) PK that I DIDN'T want her to be with a woman for me...In fact, I have been asking her to leave me because I don't think my feelings will ever change. I love her to much to leave her so I can't be the one to 'break it off'...I'm hers until she finds another...

Now, when you say, "Compromising on having a sex buddy and only when you can't have who you want is, degrading." Not sure if that ws for me or PK...if it was for me, I'm lost of the degrading part....I was not in a relationship, (before) and had sex buddies...they knew that it wasn't going anywhere else...they liked that fact as much as I did....are you saying that just sex between two people if they both agree that it's just sex and nothing more is degrading?....

Please don't think that I'm twisting your words...just trying to get a better understanding...
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