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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post

So, what you're essentially saying is that just because someone doesn't like the word bi-monogamy, they haven't examined it carefully enough nor tried to learn about it, but if they did and understood it more, they would come to love the word? What if I gave it much thought and understood it completely, but still think it's a stupid word?
Ahh, YOU`RE putting words into my mouth. So,...bite me.

I never said anywhere that people would come to like it, if they examined the word longer. Now that you have put it out there, what I would say, is that this post was made yesterday. So a response based on a immediate reaction to the word, might be a bit thick.
What you feel 24 hours into being told of a word, might differ a year or two from now, or it might differ if you ran into a situation where a lightbulb goes off and you find you 'get it'.
If people post they have experience regarding such, where it made sense to them, then to dismiss it would be thick.

You know, while I`m all freak-a-licious with my posting ( Eat that, frubbly lovers !) I really hate the 'downgrade' people do when they take scenarios from other forums, give part of a story, then expect us all to examine it like a pack of dogs. Thats why I said I should know better then to post to these label-baiting threads.

However, I`m claiming this cesar made me do it. Yum. 06bouncy.gif
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