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Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post
Compersion annoys me. It's personal, I know. I have been on support groups for mono/poly long enough to see people use it as a weapon. "Who cares that I cheated on you for X years! We are honest now and you have to just have compersion and get over it!" Bleeeh.
HaHa,..dont'cha love that ? I know we all use words that annoy people. ( Dont`cha ? anyone ? anyone ? Come on grammar majors, I can hear you twitching !!! ) I hate 'cowboy' references in poly, and find it very demeaning. Obviously because it`s personal for me. That`s my livelihood people are using for their own ignorant purpose. I`ve just learned not to respond, or post to anyone who wants to use that terminology. It`s a free world right ? So you can say 'loverly' with every right, and I don`t need to crack you in the head with my bullwhip for it.

Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post
On another note, the reason I use pansexual is because it's not about the body but the person to me. I have weird tastes in who is attractive anyway, and talent is a big turn on for me. So I have liked men, women, trans, you name it. My sexuality IS different from my poly for me.
Pansexual is another one (much like bi-monogamous) that comes 'close' for me, as well. I understand it, and have felt 'moments of'.
I tend to disregard labels, as I ebb-and-flow too much, based on where my life is in the moment, and also find that most of life and my experience, are based on being specific to the people and the situations.
Being the jaded-turd that I am, I haven`t quite learned how to stop 'judging' others for their self-imposed labels. It`s a fault I work on....sometimes.
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