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I'm glad that you wrote this Mono I will find it interesting to see what others think as I have told you all I can about what I think and feel.

I am not interested in anyone else and look forward to a long, happy future with you. I have no idea how it will be in terms of arrangements but all I know is that I trust in fate and destiny. I have no control over them.

There is something big in store for us and that is what I rest easy on. I trust you entirely regardless of what life path you have been on. What else can I do? I'm in love with you and love you. I have to be as open as I am because there is nothing I can do about that and I never "do" love half ass. I'm all in. I'm giving you everything I've got because I believe in the future. I just happen to be able to give two men everything I have and a good friend what he needs also.... and my son and a bunch of other close friends too, in a friendly way. I love doing that and not only am I able to do that, I can do it no other way.
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