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I was once 'seduced' by a much younger man. It was textbook pickup artist crud. It was a 'motivational seminar.' This lovely young man was on my 'team.' He worked for the company, but he was participating this time (with breaks to go sell stuff). I think the thing was five days (it may have been shorter). Our teams were small, about 10. There was lots of dancing and jumping around and yelling and hugging. In one of those moments he kissed me. It was slightly awkward, but it came off as though he was caught up in the moment and not really planning it. [I have no idea if it was genuinely unplanned and then he went into PUA or if he had planned that moment also] What it did was make me start thinking. why did he do that? What the hell? Does he want more? He's kinda cute. OMG why would he DO that? and so on (and so on)

At the end of the workshop, I was planning to camp out in my truck and hit the road home the next day. He invited me back to his place. I was planning to sleep on the couch. Yah, that didn't happen. But at every step, he completely made clear that it was my choice and he would not hold it against me at any point had I backed off and said no. It was quite a stunning thing. [actually, I've always said I didn't care for one-night stands, but that one was exceptional] Very clear he wasn't inviting me into his life, very clear it was what it was. In the morning he helped me carry my bags and was very sweet, and kissed me g'bye. I felt totally respected.

I had these thoughts in response to the pity for cougars hook-ups. At the time, I don't think I was actually old enough to BE a cougar (and I wouldn't consider myself one) but our age difference was huge.
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