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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post

P.s, - If you ever catch me saying stupid shit like 'loverly' or 'frubbles' or 'compersion' feel free to call me on it. To me, there is a difference between someone coining something for legitimacy, and someone coining a term to be frivolous.

Compersion annoys me. It's personal, I know. I have been on support groups for mono/poly long enough to see people use it as a weapon. "Who cares that I cheated on you for X years! We are honest now and you have to just have compersion and get over it!" Bleeeh.

As for Loverly, I'm gonna use it! I love musicals and I sing the song out all the time! So ha!

On another note, the reason I use pansexual is because it's not about the body but the person to me. I have weird tastes in who is attractive anyway, and talent is a big turn on for me. So I have liked men, women, trans, you name it. My sexuality IS different from my poly for me.
Me: 40 pansexual poly.
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