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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
To be clear, I think the word is silly, especially since other words already apply, but not the concept behind it. But just because I have a judgment about the word doesn't mean I don't understand it. Should I turn myself in to the thought police because I think "bi-monogamous" is a stupid silly word?
Quite frankly, I don`t care who you turn yourself into. You had an opinion, you said it. Own it, and don`t defend it.
I don` t have to like your opinion. It`s 'all good' that way. Seems pretty thick to me, that when people promote something as 'PC' we all embrace it, but if it`s simply just 'new'... we mock it.
Don`t worry, I`m no saint. I`m equally guilty in other areas too. I think I was pretty thick once upon a time, over the subject of intersexed, and transexual people.

P.s, - If you ever catch me saying stupid shit like 'loverly' or 'frubbles' or 'compersion' feel free to call me on it. To me, there is a difference between someone coining something for legitimacy, and someone coining a term to be frivolous.

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