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To be clear, I think the word is silly, especially since other words already apply, but not the concept behind it. But just because I have a judgment about the word doesn't mean I don't understand it. Should I turn myself in to the thought police because I think "bi-monogamous" is a stupid silly word?

Aren't there other words that were made up in poly lingo that are just plain silly -- like frubbles, wibbly, and swoly?? No? You all think they are perfectly sensible made-up words? Heck, even the word compersion took me a while to warm up to. Am I being narrow-minded, elitist, hypocritical, and thick if I say they are silly? It's okay if you like the word, but if I think it's dumb, I should be castigated for saying so? Aren't we all entitled to our opinions?
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