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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
With all the made up words around here I am surprised anyone would call a word silly at this point.

Still if the word doesn't work for someone that is fine, but belittling it seems a bit hypocritical and elitist. Do only the cool kids get to make up words
Thank you.

I`m not a label-lover. However, I have painfully learned through experience, that poly is MORE then just the ability to love more then one person at a time. Calling it only 'the ability to love more then one person' is a simplistic, and idealistic view at best, in my opinion.
I am not poly. Even if I love more then one person, it is a very different love from what I feel for my husband. To try and treat myself as poly, confuses others and hurts me. The type of love I feel for my husband is more in line with what monogamous couples describe.

I don`t really fit the description for bi-monogamous either, but I do understand how it can happen. (Generally speaking )Belittling something just because you don`t understand it for yourself, is a bit thick.
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