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I like much younger men/women and much older men/women. I generally don`t date around my age group.

You are right Mono about the 'backslide' as I call it,...where young men prey on older women for an easy lay. Heck it doesn`t even have to go that far. One of the easiest games in town, use to be 'Doormen/bouncers' at bars, and they would ID women who were much too old to be needing it.

That set up the rest of the night, for paying attention to a specific 'cougar' as they walked by. The rest was one-night history. I tend to feel embarrassed, sorry for the women in question.

Why do I like older women ? (or did you only want to hear from men ? Whoopsie, if so. ) Honestly, I tend to find them prettier. They have figured out what looks good on themselves, and what doesn`t. Many have made amends with their bodies, and want to enjoy life. They know what they like. It`s more likely that a 'meeting of the minds' occurs. There is more to talk about, and laugh over.

I`m editing to add, ( 'Cause I`m yappy tonight. UFC does that to me.) It`s not just a confidence thing. My last female lover, is much older then me, and quite shy. Maybe older women are just 'da bomb'. No need for a 'reason.'

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