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Originally Posted by polyFM View Post
Fetlife wasn't made FOR polyamory, you know what I mean? My partner and I are pretty damn vanilla compared to the stuff on there - it's not a very welcoming vibe for us. I felt like I was wading through thorns on that site, and I suspect that I'm not alone.
No, you are not alone. I hated the idea of poly being categorized there as a "fetish" but I joined because I'd heard one could meet other polyfolk there. However, I quickly realized that it's definitely a site focused on kink, and any poly people there are simply into BDSM. While I am mostly vanilla and happy with a little kinky stuff once in a while, Fetife seems so hardcore! AND the site navigation is terrible - I couldn't just search for people in my area, I had to look for groups and scroll thru, or something like that, and that way of searching is just too tedious.

Originally Posted by polyFM View Post is a forum (and a fantastic one at that) with a purpose. is a social network, with a different purpose. They're just different forms of networking! One is not meant to compete with or replace the other, in my view.

I definitely understand that there's a shortage of time too - believe me. If you do get the time to take a peek as things develop, I'd love to hear what you think.
I think your ideas are good, and interesting. There have been others who came here to say they started poly dating sites, but not what it sounds like you want to do - poly networking.

There were a few threads about developing poly dating sites:

I am sure researching other networking sites and seeing what works and what doesn't could be helpful. Are you familiar with They are pretty dead as far as a dating site, but I do get a bite every now & then and apparently a part of the community there is pretty close-knit. I check out their forums occasionally (must be a member to view), and they have regular chats for paid members.

But seriously, I am here almost every day and don't know how a networking site would augment this forum, for myself. I can have photo albums here and share them, make them private or not, there are local groups, and a calendar. Maybe these things are underutilized, but they are available. I can't even remember the last time I logged into Facebook. But I will keep an eye out for!
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