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It'll definitely be interesting to see how it develops! I'll absolutely give it a try once it's going. One thing that might be different compared to this forum is an emphasis on talking to people who ARE poly about NON-poly stuff. This forum has a lot of great stuff on it, but especially for newbies it takes a LOT of reading to feel "caught up", and while bumping old threads can be good and useful, it can take a helluva long time to sift through everything in a search to find what's relevant. And even then, you might be more interested in what people have to say currently on a topic. Thoughts, opinions, and views can change in 2 years!

I think this forum is terrific, particularly for people who have issues they are struggling with, but sometimes I just want to "hang out" with people who happen to "get it"- I think the idea of having a social network where I don't constantly have to explain why I have funny stories about my husband AND my partner sounds nice. The Fireplace area does that a little bit here, but the focus seems to be mainly on discussions ABOUT poly, which can get kind of heavy. I'd like a place to just BE poly instead of TALKING about being poly, if that makes any sense!
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