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Default stuck in a mess

20+ years into marriage, hubby realizes he's bi. we agree to explore this together. that doesnt work out so great (different tastes in people, and it seemed that a lot of men really weren't as bi as they said they were and ended up only wanting to be with a woman)....anyways....we went our seperate ways for bed buddies. about a year into this, he finds a gf, falls in love and decides he's poly. he wants to join her family with mine and i am having serious problems dealing with this. he says if i can't accept this, i'm free to go. i don't want a divorce and sharing him emotionally seems to go against what marriage is. i am lost and seem to spend most of my time in tears anymore. when we did the exploring together we had discussed finding a man to join us, to share but not necessarily live with us. In hind site, for me at least, it was fantasy talk something that I never really thought would happen so it was safe to talk about. He will not push her into my bed, but he would love for us all to live together. I am hurt, confused, and curious. Can something like this work with people who are sooo opposite?
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