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I have dated men as much older as me as to be my father's age (20 years), and younger than me by 15.5 (technically old enough to my son). At 8 years younger, I didn't have much problem. When I started dating someone 13 years younger, I had more than a few thoughts on it. I was menstruating by 13, but had not started being sexual. At 15.5, I was sexual, and could have been pregnant.

Most of the time, I'm able to not consider the age difference. But I think about it a fair bit. I worry much that when the difference is more apparent, they will no longer be interested. Recently, when I 'broke up' with Current bf (we had lived together 5 years, and I asked him to move out), I was on match dot com for a bit. Men my age are rarely appealing to me.

Current bf also says he's always been attracted to older women (First bf, I think he doesn't consider all the usual considerations). He has expressed the same things Mono said ~ confidence, we know what we're doing. The most mentioned item of attraction is brains, and I just don't think he's met many women even close to his age with the kind of smarts I have. and that has very little to do with age.
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