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There was a thread I saw yesterday (sorry can't remember which one it was so I don't have a link)... where someone mentioned an ex who alternated between a woman and a man with each relationship... she had recently gotten out of a relationship with a woman, so she didn't want to get into a relationship with the OP of that thread, because she was a woman.

This whole thread brings up something else I've been thinking about lately: bisexual vs pansexual. I've noticed that some people use the terms interchangeably, whereas others have a very specific meaning of bisexual.

In the latter case, there are specific aspects of the male or female archetype that they like, and deliberately seek. For example, they might like the way men are take-charge and protectors, and they might like the way women are caregivers and supportive. The deliberately seek out one or the other gender at certain times, depending on their needs at the time.

Now myself, I'm pansexual, which I define as "I don't give a hoot what's in your pants, as long as I think you're cute." I'm attracted more to personalities than bodies or faces. While I can appreciate beauty or classical attractiveness from an objective point of view, it never turns me on half as much as your sexy brain or caring personality.

In the local bi group on Facebook, a discussion was recently started, on whether people look for different aspects when dating men and women, or whether they look at them both the same. One person posted that she looks for romantic relationships with women, but only sexual relationships with men. She's married to a man, so she says she doesn't want any other romantic male partners. She also mentioned that she doesn't let other men kiss her, but she readily kisses other women.
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