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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Now myself, personally, I like to identify all the aspects of my character that can be improved, and then explore what I can do to make those improvements. I feel like that makes me constantly grow as a person. I also find that my relationships, work life, and frankly all aspects of my life seem to improve as I make positive changes in my own life. And I like it when things improve.
Whether you intend it that way or not, this comes off as a judgement. My point, though I'm aware you did not mention anyone by name, is that not everyone agrees with YOUR point of view that this is even something that necessarily needs improvement. I'm all for positive changes, and I work very hard on them also, but I don't agree that this is an area where YOUR perspective on dependency versus alone time is any better or more positive than mine. Yours works for you, mine works for me. That doesn't mean that I (and others) don't grow, improve, or make positive changes in other areas.

I would also like to point out that I did not refer to anyone in particular in my post. So any similarities you draw between my post and your life, and any need you feel to be defensive, are more indicative of your own insecurities and/or worries than they are of my judgement of you (of which there was none, as I do not know you from Jonah).
I'm not being defensive. I'm pointing out reasons that an alternate viewpoint from your own could be just as valid. Yes, I responded because I had something to say based on my own life and experience. Isn't that the point of this forum?? With this comment it seems like you're trying to set me up as someone who needn't be listened to because I'm reacting out of insecurity or worry. Nice try, but my pointing out that YOUR way of doing things is not the only one, let alone the only "right" or "successful" one is far more for other people reading this thread than for you or I. You and I have what works for us, so my response are for others who may read what you wrote and take it too much to heart, without realizing it's not THE answer or THE way things are supposed to be
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